New *Free* teleseminar series

July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

ILP is offering a series of three, free teleseminars for brokers and lessors looking for ways to re-energize their sales efforts in this re-emerging economy.

Things may be different today but that means it’s more important than ever that sales plans be built on solid sales principles and this series focuses on exactly that.  One of the industry’s most popular and practical sales trainers, NEFA Executive Director, Gerry Egan, will share proven ideas that anyone from the smallest individual broker to the largest sales organization can adopt to make their sales efforts more productive and, of course, more profitable. 

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Mark these three dates on your calendar: July 20th; August 3rd; and August 10th; and make sure you’ve got 45 minutes to an hour at 1:pm Eastern time; 10:am Pacific time on each of those days to take in a little shot of sales adrenalin!

3 responses to New *Free* teleseminar series

  1. These will be good! We’re looking forward to them.

  2. Great ideas on local banking relationships. Thanks.

    I am interested in the lease vs purchase analysis topic as well.

  3. Thanks, Spencer, for participating. We’ll have to get more into that on another session. Come to the NEFA Funding Symposium, ( There’ll be several programs there perfectly suited for your business. I’m certain that it will more than just pay for itself.

    Gerry E.