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Institute for Leasing Professionals

The Institute for Leasing Professionals (ILP) is a not-for-profit educational outreach of the National Equipment Finance Association, (NEFA: http://www.nefassociation.org/).

ILP supports the mission of NEFA by providing a broad range of educational programs and assistance to professionals engaged in and entering the field of commerical equipment financing.

ILP also supports the Certified Leasing Professional program, (CLP: http://www.clpfoundation.org/).  One of ILP’s offerings is a two day course specifically tailored to prepare students for the Certified Lease Professional exam which may, optionally, be taken on the third day.  The course can also be used to prepare for the CLP exam for a future date.

Scheduled dates:

Institute for Leasing Professionals
The ILP core program is a comprehensive training program designed by leasing professionals. It is a 16-module program that covers the most important subjects of leasing. The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Leasing History
  2. Classification & Terminology
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Lessor-Vendor Relationships
  6. Credit Process
  7. Lease Pricing
  8. Lease Law
  9. Lease Documentation
  10. Government Leasing
  11. Financial Statements & Tax Accounting
  12. Lease Company Management
  13. Portfolio Management
  14. Sources of Financing
  15. Lease vs. Buy
  16. Collections

For a more detailed description of the topics covered, please review the curriculum.

The ILP is a dynamic program that has been modified based on the needs and preferences of the Association Members. Each segment of the Institute has been vigorously tailored to keep up with the changes in the leasing world. The NEFA Education Committee is responsible for continually updating the content of the ILP, which is trademarked property of NEFA.

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