Free, 3 Part Teleseminar Series

The Institute for Leasing Professionals, (ILP), is offering a series of three free sales teleseminars for equipment leasing and financing brokers and lessors.  The teleseminars are open to anyone active or interested in the commercial equipment finance business and are designed to focus on three basic sales areas which can be used to jump start business in today’s rebounding economy.  The three part series will be presented by Gerry Egan, Executive Director of the National Equipment Finance Association and sessions are scheduled on July 20th, August 3rd, and August 10th.   Each session will be at 1:pm Eastern time; 10:am Pacific time.

David Normandin, CLP, of Normandin Consulting, the Educational Chairperson of ILP says, “Many equipment leasing and financing brokers and lessors are trying to re-focus their sales efforts and returning to bedrock sales principles as they struggle to find out what’s going to work for them in today’s marketplace.  We’ve focused on three specific sales areas we get the most questions about and have created a series that will deliver solid, proven sales ideas and, perhaps most important, stimulate creative sales thinking.”

 John Rosenlund, CLP, of Portfolio Financial Servicing Company, the NEFA Executive Committee Liaison for the ILP, says, “as an industry educational outreach of NEFA, part of ILP’s mission is to leverage the educational resources of NEFA, wherever possible, to reach a broader base of beneficiaries.  We’re fortunate to have, as our Executive Director, an accomplished sales trainer.  Gerry Egan is well known for presenting practical sales ideas.  As a long time broker and small lessor himself, and as a Past President NAELB, he has both a deep connection with brokers and small lessors and a deep appreciation of the challenges they face today.  As we work on planning the NEFA Funding Symposium being held inMinneapolisin September, we wanted to be sure we were also providing quality education for folks who might not ordinarily expect to attend that event.”

David Normandin said, “We chose a teleseminar format for this series because it’s so easy and accessible for virtually anyone to participate in whether they’re at their computer or not.  These first three sessions will focus on effectively expanding your local social network for business purposes, rethinking the opportunity to maximize your vendor relationships, and the potential for building profitable relationships with local banks.

Here’s what you’ll get:

[Session 1] Your Ultimate Social Network: Getting Business Through Local Business Contacts.

In this program you’ll learn how to turn casual conversations at social or business gatherings into powerful sales messages that qualify prospects and tee up sales.  Most people don’t use local social networking as effectively as they could because they don’t know the simple techniques and keys to starting a productive conversation.  With just a little preparation, you can leave any networking event with solid, actionable, sales leads.  Click here to register for session 1, it’s free…


[Session 2] The Magic Ratio for Vendor Business: How To Increase Your Approvals And Bookings From Vendor Referred Business.

All your sales objections, pricing problems, and problem applications from vendor referred business come from a misapplication of one specific ratio.  Learn how to turn that in your favor and and your productivity will soar while your stress level plummets.  In today’s environment it’s more important than ever to be sure you’re working on approvable business and not just some vendor rep’s dream of a deal.  This session will give you the key to that.  Click here to register for session 2, it’s free..


[Session 3] Money in the Bank: Profitable Bank Relationships Are Still Possible.

In spite of what you’ve heard or read about local bank problems there are still good opportunities to create mutually profitable relationships with community bankers.  The key to doing so is to understand the issues facing the banker and —most important— be willing to see what you do in a new way.  We’ll explore a unique relationship which will make you important to the bank today and position you as a partner with them for years to come.  Click here to register for session 3, it’s free…


These three teleseminars are completely free but do require advance registration.  Please visit our parent site, to register!


Register today and mark your calendars!



5 responses to Free, 3 Part Teleseminar Series

  1. What a great idea. Gerry Egan is a talented speaker with a lot of sales and leasing knowledge to share. And you certainly can’t beat the price. Thanks ILP!

  2. These will be good! We’re looking forward to them.

  3. Gerry,

    Just listened to the the “Magic Vendor Ratio” presentation #2. It was just excellent. Great content, great presentation, great value.

    I hope everyone logs into session #3 next week, and also attends the follow up session at NEFA Fall Funding Conference in Minneapolis this September. The ILP makes the NEFA association a strong magnet for industry Top Performers and those that want to become top performers as you said in todays’s session.

    See you there!

  4. Gerry,
    I really enjoyed all three sessions. I would love if you could offer another free session, where you could provide an example of a lease vs. purchase analysis. Also, in session 1, you said that it’s important to know what a potential client’s cost of captial and break even point is. If you do another session, could you also explain this in more detail, and how this works when you’re developing a leasing program for the customer?

  5. Thanks for the comments, Bill, and for dialing in for the series. Those are both good topics. Keep checking back here. We’ll do more programs and try to include the topics you’ve suggested. For the next few weeks, I’ll be busy preparing for NEFA’s Funding Symposium, ( There’ll be some top-flight programs there that will more than pay for themselves. I hope to see you there.

    …Gerry E.

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